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Tips for your kitchen renovation?

Kitchen renovation projects not only increase the resale value of your home but also add ease to your lifestyle. Here are 10 important things to be considered during such a project:

  1. Quality Materials
    First on the list is the quality of the material being used; some of the options you may have to choose from include MDF, melamine, particleboard, laminate or wood veneer. The later is a more popular choice due to its durability.
  2. Cabinet heights
    If your kitchen has an 8-foot ceiling then the cabinet height should be just as tall. This increases the storage space and offers you a chance to use the extra wall space for open shelves or artwork. A space of 15 – 18 inches should be left above the cabinet for ceilings that are higher than 8 feet.
  3. Paint or Stain?
    Choose on whether you should paint the cabinetry or stain it. Bush-painted cabinets help create a unique and stylish kitchen. Stain-wood cabinets on the other hand are not easily altered and last a long time.
  4. Counter-Tops
    The counter-top should be elegant so that they add some warmth to the kitchen. White Carrara marble or stained wood counter-tops will leave visitors awed. You might also like the sophisticated look of honed Kirkstone-slate, Wiarton limestone, soapstone, plastic laminate with a wood edge.
  5. The Island
    Think of a kitchen island that’s open and airy. Ideally the island should be unfettered by appliances but if you want the island to house a cook top or dishwasher sink combo try to maintain a simple layout.
  6. Keep all details simple
    Design accents like plaster mouldings on cabinet fronts are not necessary. Remember that the interior decor/design of the kitchen should compliment that of other rooms in the house.
  7. Surfaces
    Avoid the nightmare of maintenance particularly when it comes to cleaning of surfaces. Surfaces with an intrinsic texture such as terra-coat, tumbled marble, brick and slate are difficult to clean but do a good job of camouflaging the odd speck. Those in a lighter colour such as ceramic or white laminate show everything but are much easier to clean.
  8. Stick to basic appliances
    Rather than buying lots of gadgets and appliances, consider the ones you really need. For instance, a stainless steel collection will create the perfect focal point and will take up less space compared to having separate wall-ovens and a cook-top.
  9. Adjacent Lighting
    Incorporate the adjacent dining-room design with appropriate lighting. This clever design will let you adapt the room’s atmosphere to suit any occasion.
  10. Design the kitchen to your own taste
    It should not look like a showroom but rather a room designed to suit your preference. You can get inspiration from anything you like

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