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A Sleek Modern Look for Brisbane Kitchens that Fits Your Budget

The dark, cool hue of a brilliantly polished granite counter, standing out against the pure, fresh white of a thoroughly renovated kitchen, is one of the most beautiful designs for Brisbane kitchens, combining contemporary luxuriousness with a strikingly clean appearance.

Usually, designer kitchens cost enough to reduce your pocketbook to a hollow, drooping shadow of its former self, if they are not simply too expensive to be bought at all. The kitchens that Kitchen Suppliers creates for clients like you, however, not only provide the highest level of contemporary flair – they are also affordable, thanks to the fact that we get our materials straight from the manufacturers, and pass those savings along to you, while providing the highest quality work on these projects as well.

Whites are used frequently in kitchens for the same reason that they are used in restaurants and hospitals – any trace of dirt or spilled material can be clearly seen at once, Besides this practical aspect, white looks superb with modern styling, accentuating the crisp geometric shapes and volumes that are used to create the remarkable effects that today’s décor offers.

Bench tops provide the finishing touch to all Brisbane kitchens, and the choice of the proper colour and texture can decide whether your kitchen finishes up looking harmonious and in balance. They can also bring a bit of energy and enlivening contrast to a design that would otherwise be too monochromatic. Since they divide the room both visually and physically at waist height, it is essential to pick something which will provide exactly the look you want and need.

The bench tops we offer range from granite to reconstituted stone (which is cheaper than granite, but offers much the same look and considerably more durability than laminate) to laminate. Whether white or black, light or dark grey, looks best in your kitchen, we can supply and install it. Call us today, and begin the transformation of your kitchen into a sophisticated modern work of art.

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