Kitchen Stone Benchtops Brisbane

Are you looking for New Kitchen Cabinets & Benchtops options in Brisbane. Kitchen Suppliers have a fantastic range of Kitchen Benchtops top choose from at well below retail prices, being kitchen manufacturers means we can offer Quality Kitchens at wholesale prices saving you money.

Choosing a new Kitchen Benchtop in Brisbane

When you think about it, you spend hours every week using your kitchen benchtops and cabinets. From preparing meals and cooking, to eating at your breakfast nook/bar, it’s probably one of the most used surfaces in your Brisbane home. If you’ve got the chance, it makes sense to invest in a new or replacement bench that looks good and is going to stand the test of time.

This means something that’s classic in colour and texture, easy to clean, heat resistant, crack resistant, and simple to polish up. At Kitchen Supplies in Brisbane we’ve got an amazing range of cabinets and replacement benchtops available. From easy-care laminates to popular reconstituted stone, we can supply directly to you.

We specialise in 2Pac kitchen cabinets with stone bench tops (granite or reconstituted stone). 2Pac is a great option for quick and efficient makeovers. Because there’s significantly less wastage, it’s also environmentally friendly. Once completely set, 2Pac surfaces are also non-porous, meaning they can be wiped clean with a damp sponge.

We also do complete makeovers in Brisbane – whether it is renovations, kitchen benchtop replacement or asking for supplies to DIY, we do it all.


Kitchen Benchtop Customisation Options

We can also supply laminate furniture, with either laminate or stone counter tops. Our selection of kitchen benchtops and cabinets are sure to suit the look of any cooking space you can show us – we manufacture our products ourselves, so we have full control over the look and style of whatever we provide you with.

This means you can get the exact shade you’re looking for – something to help your custom kitchen really stand out of the crowd. For example, you may want to coordinate the tone of your benchtops with the colour of your pendant lighting.


Generous Kitchen Benchtop Warranties

Worried that your new kitchen benchtops or cabinets will become scratched and chipped with the way you use them? Don’t be. We’re extremely confident in the quality of the components we supply, because we manufacture them ourselves. We’ll never supply you with anything we wouldn’t want in our own home or office.

We can offer you a generous 10 year warranty on any benchtops you choose, whether they’re part of your kitchen benchtop replacement project or any other work we’re carrying out. This is added to the 30-40% cost saving you get from not having to deal with a middleman when it comes to manufacturing, as we supply all of our products directly from our facilities. In short, you’ll definitely save money, stress and time when working with us at Kitchen Suppliers in Brisbane.

Click here to view some pictures of the replacement, renovation and appliances installation jobs we have completed for our Brisbane clientele. When you’re ready to discuss your kitchen renovation or benchtop replacement needs, call us on (07) 3357 7000.


Kitchen Benchtop Replacement Brisbane

Updating the look of your kitchen is pretty necessary to keep your kitchen aesthetically attractive. However, unlike popular ideas, to update a kitchen, changing the whole kitchen isn’t actually necessary. Changing everything about your kitchen will be a major update to your kitchen, yes. But the whole idea of changing every single thing can be pretty expensive for your pocket. And for those who like frequent updations, this can be a pretty bad idea. 

One of the simplest ways to update your kitchen is to only change the kitchen benchtop. The kitchen benchtops are one of the biggest exposed surfaces in a kitchen and thus the colour and texture of the new benchtops can make a lot of difference to the aesthetics of your kitchen. 

If you are looking to replace your kitchen benchtops in Brisbane, we at Kitchen Suppliers can help you in replacement of your kitchen benchtops. From all kinds of textured and laminated benchtops to engineered stone benchtops, made both from natural stone and engineered stone, we cover it all in Brisbane. 

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