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Top Kitchen Colour Palettes To Choose For Kitchen Renovations

Choosing the ideal colour palette is one of the many daunting tasks of a kitchen renovation process. Even though you know what your favourite colours are, those same colours might not necessarily look the same, just like you want, inside your kitchen. Paint colours change their appearance based on environmental lighting, meaning a purple shade in artificial lighting will not look the same in natural lighting. Thus, you have to be pretty spot-on with your decision making.

In this extensive guide, we’ll be sharing the list of some of the top colour palettes that you can proceed to choose for your kitchen space, during your kitchen renovation project.

Suggested Colour Palettes To Choose For Your Kitchen Renovation

1. Aqua & Cream

According to a kitchen renovation contractor offering the best kitchen designs in Brisbane, this colour combo can work for you if you like cottage-esque, traditional designs.

Since the cream colour is softer than bright white cabinets, the aqua colour helps incorporate a beautiful tone that’s cool and not too bold. You can pair this colour palette with simple cabinets and fixtures. This shade combo will also work for those who are trying to bring the beach theme into their kitchen, without the inclusion of sand & starfish.

2. Gold & Grey

This type of colour palette can work for you if you have a contemporary or transitional kitchen design, and you want more brilliance in that look. After many years of hiatus, grey & gold have made their way back into kitchen design, meaning that this colour combo is a great, ongoing trend.

You can proceed to paint your cabinets grey and then have gold coloured Taps, splashback tiles and hardware. If you don’t like the aforementioned idea, then you can incorporate gold-coloured accessories such as bowls & vases, with a little bit of gold tint on your splashback tiles. The idea here is to make the space look more glamorous.

3. Navy & White

As per a well-known service provider for kitchen appliances in Brisbane, this type of colour combo will be for you if you like coastal, contemporary or traditional styles.

This look is called ‘classic’ for a reason – because it has been in use for such a long time and it never gets old. You can get this colour palette to work for any kind of kitchen. We’d suggest opting for crispy white kitchen cabinets, combined with stainless steel appliances along with navy-coloured accessories.

If you want, you can also mix up the style by opting for navy-coloured cabinets with white splashback tiles.

In case you want to know more about our kitchen renovation services, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be ecstatic to assist you.

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