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How to Choose the Best Material When it Comes to Kitchen Benchtops?

Remodeling your kitchen is no easy task as you would have to decide on whether you are planning to opt for a complete rehaul or just go ahead with a temporary look. You may want to consider a complete rehaul, while you are at it, and seriously consider the various options on the table, from the conservative look to the more neo-modern and eclectic choices. Just remember that whichever you opt for, your kitchen needs to be warm, comfortable and a room that you can relax in along with the rest of your family. Here is a list of some of the best kitchen benchtops that you can opt for, check them out.

  • Stone: When it comes to stone benchtops in Brisbane, you’ll find that stone as a benchtop material is well known to be durable and long-lasting. These are usually engineered to perfection while mixing aggregates with resin to give it the perfect finish for your kitchen. It’s bound to be attractive and comes in various sizes, shapes, colors, and even different compositions. For example, you can opt for either a single color or have different flecks of colors show up on the surface to give you the contrast you need. After all, just looking at the same color benchtop while eating your lunch or dinner could get a tad Blaise which is all the more reason as to why you may want to opt for a contrasting appearance. Given the latest trends, some of the popular stone benchtops incorporate a 20mm thickness to give it a slimmer look, which should make it fit in any kitchen, with any style choice that you opt for.
  • Laminated tops: If you happen to be on a tight budget then, you would want to opt for laminated benchtops. You can check out some of the top kitchen designers in Brisbane and you’ll find that most of them would feature laminated benchtops as well and with good reason. The fact is that most homeowners are already under severe financial stress due to the current pandemic and most would not have the required finances to opt for a stone or other expensive materials for benchtops. And that’s why laminated benchtops are more popular these days, they are inexpensive and come with a great look that should make your kitchen stand out for the right reasons. And the other plus point to laminated benchtops is the fact that they are resistant to stain and extremely easy to clean up as well. And they should make your kitchen a lot quicker to clean up as well. And more importantly, these laminated surfaces should last for a long while.
  • Timber: And before you state that timber is old-fashioned, it is making a return and is one of the top benchtop materials to be selected these days. Essentially, timber would be an awesome selection for your kitchen, especially if you have a lot of glass and stainless steel for your walls and cabinets. The contrast could not be more, as timber provides you with warmth and rich, contrasting color with the rest of your kitchen. And that’s why it happens to be one of the top selections for those opting for a neo-modern look for their kitchen. Just remember that timber benchtops require a lot of care, apart from polishing and varnishing it often, you also need to remember that timber benchtops can scratch easily.

Just keep in mind these essential pointers, when it comes to selecting kitchen benchtops and you should soon be able to make your kitchen stand out for all the right reasons.


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