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Kitchen Facelift – Organise a Kitchen Resurfacing for Your Brisbane Home

Many Brisbane home owners have no problem with the layout of their existing kitchen, but would like to resurface and reinvigorate its look. The very best way to do this is with kitchen refacing. We offer Brisbane homes of all kinds across the North and South the chance to completely change the look and feel of the room, without significant structural changes with our kitchen resurfacing services.

What on earth is a ‘kitchen facelift’ with resurfacing?

As the name suggests, a facelift is about changing the look and feel of the kitchen through resurfacing without changing the underlying structures. A reface is ideal for people who are looking for a cosmetic update to make things fresher and more fashionable.

When we provide a kitchen re-fit, we’ll reface anything you want – a re-fit is all about refreshing and strengthening the look of the kitchen, without having to strip everything back to the bare bones. You may be surprised at how much of a difference refacing can make, just by changing colours, textures and profiles.

A kitchen re-fit by our team is an excellent idea for those looking to save money while completely renewing the look of their cooking space. Rather than having to completely alter the layout and design of your Brisbane kitchen, we can provide kitchen refacing that will improve the look of your existing space through resurfacing and at a fraction of the price of a complete redesign.

Selling your home? Refacing may be the solution you’ve been looking for to bump up the value of your property. As many real estate agents will tell you, the kitchen is one of the most important things that potential buyers will look at, and a reface can make all the difference come auction day.

Benefits of kitchen resurfacing over complete renovation include:

  • Significant cost savings – resurfacing is a fraction of the price of gutting and starting again
  • Relatively environmentally friendly – a re-fit means less wastage
  • Completed in a much shorter time – show off your ‘brand new’ kitchen ASAP with a reface
  • Less mess (and of course, we’ll clean up once your kitchen re-fit is all done)
  • Greater design flexibility within your budget – refacing allows you to do more with less
  • Quality materials and coatings

Our kitchen resurfacing involves a wide range of styles and materials, with all products coming straight from our own manufacturing facilities in Brisbane. You’re guaranteed high-quality products when booking in a kitchen facelift with us.

No matter what kind of kitchen you have, get in touch with us to discuss how we can reface your cooking space. Give us a call at 07 3357 7000 or email sales@kitchensuppliers.net.au.

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