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Most Popular Trends in Brisbane Kitchens

If you love keeping your home in the current market trends, the kitchen is a great place to start.  With such an emphasis placed on the value of your kitchen in the housing market, it’s important to keep a close watch on the best ways to keep your kitchen up to date.  Experts in Brisbane kitchens can help you maintain a highly functional and trendy kitchen, which will increase the value of your home.  Cabinetry, finishes, colours, appliances, and many other features can be altered to maintain a modern appearance.


The latest trend to rise to the top of the Brisbane kitchens market in cabinetry is maple.  The warm tones of maple are versatile enough to accommodate modern or traditional décor themes, making this the perfect choice for just about any home.

Finishes and Colour

In recent years, natural colours and distressed finishes were the going trends, but things have begun to change in today’s market.  Dark natural finishes tend to be the most popular choice, giving your home a warm feeling.  As far as colours go, greys and beiges have taken over for the once-popular brown tones and off-whites.


Contemporary Brisbane kitchens used to be the most popular choice, but today’s home more often features Shaker-style décor.  This simplistic theme includes a contemporary feeling with traditional touches.

When planning any updates to Brisbane kitchens, homeowners will find trends that will appeal to any preferences.  From contemporary to traditional, the experts at Kitchen Suppliers can help you improve the form and function of your kitchen.  The many affordable solutions you’ll find at Kitchen Suppliers make it possible to create a whole new look without spending a fortune.  Contact Kitchen Suppliers today to find out more about the options in kitchen renovations.

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