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Stylish and Contemporary Kitchen Renovation Services

Looking to update and renovate your kitchen?

Welcome to Kitchen Suppliers Brisbane, the place to go for quality cabinets and benchtops at budget-friendly kitchen prices. Our designers have been able to maintain our reputation for providing affordable kitchen makeovers by ensuring they are shipped direct from us, kitchen manufacturers and designers in Brisbane South, to you, the customer – to get the most for your money in your kitchen refacing project. Our all-inclusive discount kitchen design packages are popular amongst busy yet style-conscious and discerning clients.

Our custom-made kitchen makeovers consisting of custom cabinetry made by our expert cabinet makers come in a variety of finishes, from contemporary to more traditional styles. This means you can get a new room that’s freshly updated, without being out of step with the style of your home.

We operate throughout the City of Brisbane, so whether you’re on the northside, southside, or anywhere in between, simply get in contact with Kitchen Suppliers and our kitchen designers can provide you with an obligation-free quote.


Your choice of material will have a big impact on the appearance, ease of use and durability of your new kitchen design. The good news is, there are plenty of options to suit every style. From custom cabinetry made by the best cabinet makers to benchtops, we have it all. Whether you are looking to create an entirely new, design-conscious space or want one of our budget kitchen renovations in Brisbane without compromising on style, we can help you.

Our Kitchen Renovation Process

End your search for the finest kitchen renovation with Kitchen Suppliers! For a customised, comprehensive kitchen renovation, reach out to our team!

  • Contact us through a quick online quote form or call (07) 3357 7000.
  • Our experts will be at your doorstep to discuss and plan your kitchen renovation.
  • With discussion and constant feedback, we will create a  layout for your kitchen with a comprehensive floor plan.
  • After you have agreed to the design and our quote, our team will start with the manufacturing process and curate a list of high-quality products.
  • At the final phase of the kitchen renovation process, we will take your input for the installation date and proceed with the installation.
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Affordable Kitchens Without Compromising Budget

At Kitchen Suppliers, our tagline is “luxury kitchens at budget prices”. We don’t believe you should have to pay hefty prices just to get that blissful feeling of a pristine new kitchen. With smart kitchen design and judicious choice of materials, you get the look you’ve been dreaming of at a discount. Explore our gallery to see for yourself – not a cheap plastic handle or stuck-on fixture in sight! Instead, our kitchen designers in Brisbane work hard to bring you nothing but the finest quality despite competitive price tags.

When we provide budget kitchen renovations in Brisbane North, our designers take it as a point of pride that we’re giving our clients discount options that look better than many of our competitors’ higher-priced designs. Many clients who’ve come to us after shopping around extensively find that we’re able to achieve the look they want, at a comparatively cheap price.


Rejuvenate Home with Kitchen Makeovers & Designers Brisbane

What happens when you’ve got a stunning new room that makes the rest of your house look tired and old in comparison? There’s no reason to stop the makeover in the food prep area. With our creative options and discount prices, you can give all your cabinets, appliances and kitchen benchtops Brisbane a beautifully coordinated look. Along with our cheap kitchen makeovers, we also supply custom made bathroom vanities and furniture, as well as office furniture.

Call us today for your Brisbane kitchen renovations.

Kitchen Renovations Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

Our kitchen designers can tailor makeovers specific to your needs and tastes. We even do cheap kitchen renovations throughout Brisbane’s North and South, keeping them within your design budget. It’s all about finding cheap, practical ways to meet your needs and bring your vision to life. You may be surprised at what’s possible on your budget, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Kitchen Re-modelling Can Make World of Difference

Updating and remodelling your kitchen can make a world of difference to your home adding massive value while opening and modernising your living space. Whether it is about updating the existing layout or a complete remodel giving you the dream new kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Why choose us?

With over thirty years of experience in the kitchen design and renovation industry, we have built a reputation for supplying discount custom fit-outs and fixtures of the highest quality. Our confidence in our budget kitchen renovations and products is such that we offer a 10-year warranty on our entire range of full-price and discount products, giving our clients long term peace of mind they’ve made a smart decision.

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