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How To Choose The Ideal Kitchen Cabinet Hardware For Your Home?

Even though you have made all the correct selections regarding your new kitchen, such as choosing the correct colour shade, the ideal layout and the backsplash tiles. But, one choice remains is the type of kitchen cabinet hardware that you’ll be buying. While it might look like a minimal decision to make, it can directly affect the way your kitchen looks.

Therefore, if you want to make the ideal selection when it comes to kitchen cabinet designs, then you have to look at certain factors that will help you shape your final choice. To help you make the correct decision, we have formulated this comprehensive guide that you should go through in its entirety.

Factors To Remember When Selecting The Ideal Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

  • Pulls Vs Knobs

The first decision that you have to undertake when selecting the correct cabinet hardware is to first decide the type of hardware you’ll be required for your use case scenario.

Most homeowners out there like to have kitchen cabinet hardware that is a combination of pulls and knobs. Pulls are better implemented on kitchen cabinet drawers because they’re much easier to grip or handle than a knob. On the other hand, knobs are better utilised on kitchen cabinet doors.

Furthermore, you have to select the ideal size of the pull or knob, that will be used for the drawers or cabinet doors, respectively. The hardware you’ll be selecting should always be in proper proportion with the overall kitchen space you have at your disposal. 

  • The Type Of Hardware Finish

According to a professional service provider offering different kitchen appliance packages, the finish of your cabinet hardware is another choice that you need to undertake when finalising your kitchen cabinet hardware. Some of the popular finishes include chrome and brushed nickel, along with antiqued brass making a stellar comeback in the 21st century.

The best thing about choosing your cabinet hardware is that – it doesn’t have to match the lighting of your kitchen space or your kitchen faucets. The design can be unique. However, one thing to note – the design should compliment & coordinate with the other finishes inside your kitchen space. 

  • The Style Of The Hardware

The style of the kitchen cabinet hardware that you’ll be selecting will dictate the looks of your kitchen space for the upcoming years. Therefore, you have to select a style that is not only relevant in today’s market but also will continue to stay relevant later on (after five or ten years).

There will be countless options for you to choose from and if necessary, you can always consult a professional kitchen cabinet hardware provider for any additional tips & tricks. Lastly, always remember to choose function over form.

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